Ugh Life

2013-09-05 18:29:46 by VicBiss

So yeah I haven't really made anything this year and it makes me sad. It seems weird, but I actually miss the days when I had fewer friends, and less interests.. Back then that gave me time, and the motivation to actually CREATE things! I have been working on a few things over the Summer but I can never stick with them so who knows what will be the final product.

I ship off to college in a week. Out in the wonderful land of California! I am studying software engineering, and I'm going to do my best to not drop game development as a hobby! I need some creativity in my life. So expect to see some things from me in the future! I don't know when.. But soon I will have some content, whether it is one of my Summer projects or me joining the next Game Jam, I need create things!

(Below is a teaser of a summer project)

Ugh Life


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2013-09-06 17:46:21

just BELIEVE in yourself.

VicBiss responds: