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Hello everyone!  My friend is doing art commissions and I thought I would do her a favor by giving her some free advertising.  She is an incredibly talented artist and does animations as well!  So if you would like some great art or feel like being nice, you should check out and reblog her commissions post HERE!  

By the way, I'm sorry it's been so long since I have posted anything.  School sucks.  I have been working on a lot of mobile games recently but have yet to release anything substantial.  I recreated "Ninja Game" so that it is available now in the app store and on google play! Android, Apple App Store.  I put the game up for a dollar, it was more just a test to check out the mobile publishing platforms so I don't expect anyone to actually buy it, but it is a good 2-4 hours of fun and I may add more levels some day!

I am working on many projects and hopefully you'll se something good out of me in the nearish future!

-Victor <3

Ugh Life

2013-09-05 18:29:46 by VicBiss

So yeah I haven't really made anything this year and it makes me sad. It seems weird, but I actually miss the days when I had fewer friends, and less interests.. Back then that gave me time, and the motivation to actually CREATE things! I have been working on a few things over the Summer but I can never stick with them so who knows what will be the final product.

I ship off to college in a week. Out in the wonderful land of California! I am studying software engineering, and I'm going to do my best to not drop game development as a hobby! I need some creativity in my life. So expect to see some things from me in the future! I don't know when.. But soon I will have some content, whether it is one of my Summer projects or me joining the next Game Jam, I need create things!

(Below is a teaser of a summer project)

Ugh Life


2011-06-19 23:20:58 by VicBiss

Check out my team's game for the game jam!


Hello my pretties

2011-05-16 18:08:35 by VicBiss

I can post on the front page now :)

Game Jam Game

2011-01-02 17:45:25 by VicBiss

Finished and, if I do say so myself, fun :) for me atleast

Power of 3

2009-05-19 21:45:29 by VicBiss

More info

It's gonna be sexy.

Pretty fucking awesome-New game

2009-01-27 22:23:08 by VicBiss /76687_wood.php
O dam, first level finished with art.
pretty nice, aint it? It may seem easy now but you will have to follow more complicated patterns in later levels. I'm not a very good artist, but I'm proud of this level. Next level is a jungle, that will strain my artistic abilities to their max. Leave comments please, good or bad.


2008-12-23 12:15:08 by VicBiss
Updated 0372_dungeoncrawler_move_22.php

Move with: awsd
Pick up items: f
Attack: left mouse
Block: shift
Use awesome magic spell that doesnt actually work: SPACE
Use mp potions: E
Use hp potions: control

I'm only updating cuz' that fucking magic spell took like 3 days to figure out.


2008-12-22 13:45:19 by VicBiss 3746_dungeoncrawler_move_22.php

Move with: awsd
Pick up items: f
Attack: left mouse
Block: shift
Use new awesome magic spell: SPACE
Use mp potions: E
Use hp potions: control

New engine

2008-11-25 18:17:47 by VicBiss 2013_boxhead.php

I'm in way over my head and this stuff is getting complicated so I'm thinking of starting something new.